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Oceanzest 5.7.5. Haiku Challenge.

birds merrily sing
the woodlands teeming with sound
healing nature calls


trickling mountain streams
the roar of huge waterfalls
both beautiful sounds


morning sunrise dawns
night time surrenders slowly
behold the new day

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 14
About this poem:
Haiku Challenge.

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Comments (14)

Good one Mizzy - this one makes sense to me! cheering

Very good Mick, liked the first one particularly.
I wonder if the best(?) haiku are written with lines that are a bit challenging to relate to each other but are somewhat related so your mind feels the fun of linking, trying to build a picture with what at first seems disjoint elements?
Delightful nature haikus! Bravo Mizzy. cheers teddybear
Very good one! really enjoyed the read Mick. Lily heart wings
trurorobonline today!
Nice, third one best to me
Mizzy4online now!
Thank you Kathy,

Regards Mick.

thumbs up
Mizzy4online now!
Spot on Ocean...

Regards Mick

Mizzy4online now!
Thank you Joycrest....

Regards Mick

Mizzy4online now!
Good to hear from you Lily,
Many thanks..

Regards Mick

Mizzy4online now!
Thank you Rob,

Regards Mick

lilygold76online today!
purple heart hug
Mizzy4online now!
Thank you Lilygold,


Regards Mick

Nicely done Mick!applause
EXRED3online today!
true Haiku about nature enjoyed reading
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