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Deep water poetry

Its calmer in the shallows
is advice from old men
whose idle pursuit
is carving sticks
in the shade
of softwood trees
one by one
waiting for God

Just dive in boy
lunge that spirit
out beyond
the hooks and line
deep water poetry
oil fired rhymes
rollicking times
and when they hang you
out to dry
as is the want
of mercurial spirits
just laugh with the Gods
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 17
About this poem:
Can you write on the edge, no swimming home now :)

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Comments (5)

Mizzy4online today!
Very interesting write Ocean,
On the edge for sure....

Regards Mick

thumbs up
Ocean..... Nothing like hanging on the ledge..........wave
Happy diving Ocean!wave
southmiami4321online today!
Very nice inspired inspiration Oceanzest. When you dive deep into poetry you have to have all your swimming gear ready to explore the unknown. Thanks for sharing. SM writing
salamunaonline today!
Definitely loved this Ocean. So dive in boy and laugh with the Gods. May be you ll meet Poseidon of poetry somewhere deep in )) applause
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