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The dawn isn't close enough,
yet I am jolted awake
from a dream that felt
like a time machine,
throwing me back to the past, so mean.

Who has resurrected
this silly girl I once was?
I thought I'd left her buried,
dead and forgotten in the past.
Now her restless spirit has returned,
trying to take over
this same old body, heart, and soul,
if possible, swallowing me whole.

The current me is struggling
to keeps what's been mine all along.
Still, she is so damn stubborn,
demanding that she too stay in the present.
I wouldn't be having this breakdown
if she weren't carrying you in her mind.

This is not the time
to let her stick around.
Perhaps I must exorcise her again,
before she starts giving me a lot more
than this nonsensical, 3 a.m. breakdown…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 21
About this poem:
About a temporary setback in terms of mental health ...

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