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Strawberry Moon Born In June

I will burn down to the edge of the highway

A fire barely contains the rituals of late spring

Leaving everything behind in my blackened path

Waiting for at last the light and seeds to grow

Hardest part of life is leaving everything aside

Sometimes you have to lose something

Have to realize what you had to leave behind

Never burning anything outside your own boundaries

You always remember being left with the same taste

On the tip of your very own tongue and in your eyes

On your clothes as well as ……on your face

The sun becomes a tangerine smear against the horizon

And then there is a strawberry moon born in June
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 9
About this poem:
A sunset followed by a full moon in June.

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Comments (8)

southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful. Nature's contrast colors with drops of life livings....Thanks for sharing daisy SM
Mizzy4online today!
Good poem Yankee,
Uniting Nature and Wisdom.

Regards Mick.

Thank You SM handshake
Mick, Yes we can learn a lot from watching nature. My grandfather once said....." The right time time to plant corn is when the oak leaf is the size of a squirrels ear "..... and I've lived by this rule ever since. beer
salamunaonline today!
Oh yes Chris. it was a relly amazing view in June.. Moon is my greatest passion, beautiful write. The name i love the most. Thank you. Lily wave
Lily, Did you know in Ancient Greece, long before the creation of the Christian celebrations of St. John's Day, the summer solstice was marked by Adonia, a festival to mourn the death of Adonis, the devoted mortal lover of the goddess Aphrodite? professor
salamunaonline today!
yes Chris, i did read it when i was young..and when I was fond of Roman and Greek mythology .. the myth of Aphrodite and Adonis is a symbol of love and loss...
Lily...... as is the subject today..... and going on and on.........
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