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One Week on my Cell Phone

Lots of Youtube videos
Gilligan's Island cast on Family Feud
Interview with Bob Denver(Gilligan)
Fast and Furious cars rated
Mr. Bean as the Devil
Michael Jackson's Billie Jean
Customers being disresecptful
What it's like to be a truck driver
Green bay teacher resigns
Discussion on the existence of hell
Neil DeGrasse Tyson on the universe
Interview with Debbie Harry(Blondie)
70's commercial gingles
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Posted: Jul 9
About this poem:
I know I have seen more, but I can't remember them all. It has been fun though.

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Comments (4)

hahaha we've lost you to the world of click-bait, come up for air occasionally wow
If you learned few things great, if not what a lot of waste of time.
That's a lot of viewing McRad,
I was at Michael Jackson live in Cork (Ireland) in 1988 and Blondie played support. Superb gig.

Regards Mick.

southmiami4321online today!
Mcradloff, there are a lot of good videos, chat posting etc out there.... Try putting away your cell phone for a week and read a good book instead even if it takes you a week.....even reading next to nature with no distraction . Compare and see how it feels. Today's technology is taking away our own self and controlling us. Good luck. SM Realistic post as always...Thanks for sharing .SMwave
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