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early light

as the light breaks through the window , i see it.
but i was already awake.
it lights the room , but no one is there.
i can no longer hear you breathe next to me , or see you in the dark.
because you are now gone.
i used to wake to hear you breathe , see you next to me .
i have done that for 40 years , now is no more.
in the light the room is still , silent, lonely.
no sounds , no more that one echoed around the room.
only the early light dances across from side to side now.
with eerie silence i rise and i sit on the bed , where once you where beside me.
only memory's now to hold and exist.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 18
About this poem:
for my wife of 40 years that died on 30/4

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