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Protests today


Anti vaxxers get
together in the streets and
shout. Who cares? Not I

Police on horses
Raucous rioting fighting
I'll look after me!

You do as you will
I as I and wear a mask
Not you? That's your call.

Crowds swirl angrily
Coarse yelling surging shoving
Right middle or left
It's for them to say, to spit
Bemused, I just shrug.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 24
About this poem:
misposted as a comment - removed to here

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Comments (4)

FargoFanonline today!
whoops last line only 5 - now how did that happen?

Bemused, unamused, I shrug
I've reached precisely the same conclusion. If these idiots want to die, despite having access to vaccines, a first-world health system, and social security, to nurse them through lockdown - then phuck them!
Maybe some day I'll go to Australia when the masks are
Oceanzestonline today!
Aren't they protesting against lock-downs, not necessarily anti-vax?
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