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Knock, knock!
Sounds pulsate at the moment,
While she is asking herself who is there,
Words hover above the heated roof
Without answer or some kind of piercing swear.

"I am just your reflection
And you are not able to see me entirely while you suspiciously stare,
Gracious eyes follow my glimmering
And you may perceive shine if you take a look, or just carefully dare."

"Do not be scared, little dove
I am here to protect you as much as I can,
Baleful conundrum may be solved
Amid multitude throes hidden in chasm of inner den."

Girl catches own outlines
In the rupture of time where reality overlaps with intermittent dreams,
Everything is fine at the first sight
And nothing is true as it furtively seems.

" Knock,knock for today's farewell
Until I appear once more,
Next time you will not ask who I am
And autumn marks will be left on the threshold
When you open vigilantly heavy, glass door..."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 24
About this poem:
Poem is interaction with my own self.
With that nub in the center of being that desperately wants to be exempted.

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Comments (4)

southmiami4321online today!
Autumn, glad you are back posting. Each of us has our own complexities. SM
Mizzy4online today!
Very good poem AutumnChild,
I like the way you use your reflection almost as an alter ego to examine your feelings. I'm sure you find healing in writing.
Nicely written.

Regards Mick.

Thanks, SM, on your feedback.
I can count on you besides Mizzy.
It is always nice to see that words connect us with total strangers from the other side.
You and Mick are my fellows here.
It is enough for my unassuming nature.
Thank you.

Pozdravljam te!

purple heart teddybear
Zdravo, Mik!

Mick is equal to Mik in Serbian language.
Although no one here have similar or same name as yours.
Thanks to official digraphic alphabet maternal language allows so many diverse possibilities.
But,not to all around me.
I love versatility of Serbian or former Serbo-Croatian.
Especially when I consider differences in jargons.
I live in the area where Serbian is pretty amusing and dufficult to understand for those who live in the northern parts.
Like we do not live in the same country.
Isn't it fascinating?
English doesn't have flexibility like Serbian has.
I will start to remind myself about Russian.
Warm and beautiful Slavic parlance.
I loved very much to learn it.
So, English would be my third love.
Or maybe second one.
It is hard to decide.
Anyway, I wrote this because I think a lot about words.
On meaning, function that they have as phonemic, lexical structure.
Assume that words will always be my the most powerful weapon.

Thank you about comment.
It is lovely when I see that native poet has something to reffer to a non native speaker.
But, certainly devotee of tricky and magnificent English.

Puno te pozdravljam!

handshake bouquet wave
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