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Unknown Solace

A thousand streams with over a thousand particulate of life,
Round and round the whirl win dives,
I succumb to the world's domination and fight,
Thus, I'm I a weak vessel or just kind.

I smell the woods, I smell her smile,
As though she sees, even though she's blind,
For true peace of mind, I can pay any price,
yet nature refuses our union, she says I'm no bride.

The marketplace sees much foil,
all she hears are loud prices and full geared coins,
deep in my heart, the feeling is gone, the heart soon dies,
and yet with my wit, I crave so much love, and I won't still cry.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 26
About this poem:
It denotes life, nature, a relationship between complexities of the world, and how in the end, all the mind and heart craves for is peace and love wherever it is being offered.

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