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the truth

f*ck the police every cop on the street who walks the crooked beat....

f*ck the government too leaving people without food and jobs there nothing but big fat slobs....

All the world leaders can kiss my white a** there nothing but snakes in the grass.....

And listen to this if you wish make your children wash them dishes don't let them be lazy fishes...

A house is run by a family not by one member on there own so let them kids clean there own toilets if there fully grown....

dishes pilled high to the sky and they sit in there room doing nothing all day but playing games whilst we work away....

2 many years and I've gone grey I'm sorry folks but that's all I've 2 say.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 30
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hehe that's feckin' brilliant that is, lovin the time traveller skit.. beer laugh
Dan_777online today!'ve said it all.
How sad this world has become. sigh
cheers thanks for your time and comment guy's
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