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Vacation to Maine

Three days to get there
Bangor, Maine is where
Saw Acadia National Park
Ate some lobster on a lark
Saw Steven King's home and it was eerie
Found it thanks to my best buddy Siri
She told me how to get there and back
My only complaint is the music I had to lack
While I waited for her to tell me where to turn
Spending too much time on my phone I could have been burned
It's dangerous to play with these phones going down the road
You could get squashed like a toad
I saw Niagara Falls on the way back
The good view from Canada was all I lacked
Then it was to Sandusky, Ohio to walk on the beach by Lake Erie
The next day I was on the beach by Lake Michigan, you should have seen me!
Since Monday it's been daily trips to Madison to Chuck E Cheese
Played at a video game place for 15 bucks with ease
Then to Dubuque to eat some cold guacamole with Doritos
Play some video games, my favorite Pacman was broke, that's the way it goes
I went to a record store in Janesville
Got my latest Adam Sandler CD, what a thrill
Ate some Panda Express
The sauce got on my pants, what a mess!
So today it's off to Davenport for Ruby's, Goodwill and the mall
Lots of dollars paid for it all
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 7
About this poem:
I have managed to keep myself busy, but next time I'm flying, the road traffic was too much.

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southmiami4321online today!
A nice busy trip you had. Have a safe flight to Maine this time and don't forget the masquerade! SM: listen to music drink pouring dance joy playball motorcycle
Nicely described trip mcradloff.I ve got a lot of fun reading this , I hope you enjoyed your trip.. i hate flying, i d rather have such a trip then flying.. but sure it s all up to you. Lily applause wine
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