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Light From the Darkest Star (Paloma's Challenge)

Light from the darkest star shining on me
Travelling from blackest regions of space
Caught like the deepest creature in the sea
Wriggles in your net humble, needing grace

No longer hidden as I twist and turn
Shimmering light on my defenseless core
Trapped hopeless in the point of no return
Brings to surface what I try to ignore

There's no escaping great moments of truth
Twisting and turning my head in disgrace
Swimming in lies is really quite uncouth
When dimmest star light still shines on my face

Close to creation is found in the heart
Good love always sustains from the start
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 14
About this poem:
metaphor for truth,,,,, (originally posted in 2012)

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Comments (2)

Hi Yankee, hope you escaped hopeless trap in the point of no return. Liked your verse. Lily wave
Mizzy4online today!
Very good Sonnet of honesty and truth Yankee.
Enjoyed reading.

Regards Mick

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