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Planting my roots

Emerging from the shadowy depths of my enclosure
my cage
wearing nothing but my skin
drifting into the thicket

feeling the cold white velvety blanket dissolving to moisture beneath my steps
I find a patch of earth
soft grasses green
soil black as pitch, rich in vital minerals

with one thrust of my foot
I sending it plunging deeply within
one following the other
stretching out my toes….hardening….reaching…digging…. growing
anchoring me
my legs and body stiffen

brown skin darkening, thickens, hardening
raising my head to smile at father sky above
arms outstretched, reaching out… embrace
connecting to earth and sky

I can move nothing, as the hardening change of my skin
moves up through my torso and limbs
feet and toes growing to roots, deep down in the earth
clutching the mother’s breast…clinging

arms and fingers to branches caressing father sky
breathing a breath I’ve never before breathed
no longer through my once movable mouth and nose
now solid, clothed in a new hardened skin

bark, solid, dark, and strong
my breath moves from within my core, and radiates up and out
my arms swaying to the whistling wind blowing through my branches

as I sigh and moan, a tune of my own
of thanks and wonder

© January 10, 2010, L. Karriem
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 22
About this poem:
This poem was a vision I had of myself connecting with mother Earth and Father sky, outside naked in the dead of winter

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Comments (6)

southmiami4321online today!
Beautiful imaginary growth of your being, reaching out to the world's wonders. Enjoyed this one. SM teddybear
SEEKINGingeronline today!
@southmiami4321 - Glad you enjoyed it. This is one of my favorites :)
Mizzy4online today!
It's good to let it all go... become one with Nature and ground yourself in the Earth. Nicely written poem.

Regards Mick.

Being One with the Earth has many benefits
Very nice poem Seeking wine
SEEKINGingeronline today!
@Mizzy4 - Thanks for the kind words, Mick. Much appreciated :)cheers
SEEKINGingeronline today!
@Onlyforums - thank you grin
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