Laughter Of The Wizard

The Wizard grinned at his forsaken sins,
Up from the gallows- there he went,
Hearing the sounds of the ancient chimes,
"The moon is full- now I must fly,"
Spreading his wings aimed towards the sky,
Of what Angels feared, mortal man had to hide,
Demons warring by his side,
On the ground, the great warriors ride,

The first warrior, he withdrew his sword,
Through demon flesh- there it soared,
His piece of steel spoke so loud,
The Wizard laughed, then struck him down--
The second warrior, he carried his axe,
Stepping into a world of all black mass,
Almost victorious across the land,
The Wizard laughed, and turned him into sand--

The third warrior fought with his spear,
For in his heart, he had no fear,
Killing over a thousand in one day,
The Wizard laughed, and cast him into clay--
The fourth warrior, protected by his shield,
To no man; nor, beast he would not yield,
The Wizard laughed, without giving chance,
He changed the warrior into grass--
The Wizard got jazzed!

The fifth warrior killed with a dagger,
But, the odds against him made him stagger,
Beginning to lose his will and desire,
The Wizard laughed, changing him into fire--
The sixth warrior had no soul,
His weapons were his guitar and Rock-n-Roll,
Through his music the Wizard frowned,
Blinded his magic due to the sound--
The Wizard found himself at his wishing well,
Screaming out of how he failed,
Sworn to vengeance,
But, now he dwells,
Inside the deepest hole in Hell-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2021
About this poem:
I wrote this one 10-17-94, just barely over two months after I "turned on, tuned in, and dropped out" and went to Woodstock '94! lol Putting this in here, I thought it might put a little change of climate into some readers minds. Something wild and out of the ordinary, perhaps?

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Comments (3)

That's totally Bill and Ted dude
southmiami4321online today!
Impressive the Woodstock 94 performance. SM
DiggableHippy49online today!
lol Nah, not Bill and Ted; but more into the HeavyMetal movie idea storyline when I wrote it. Instead of the Orb; well, the thought is an ancient Chinese secret, now! For now?
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