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Music that lifts you, to another time
Floating you in dreams, another sign
Searching the moment, to understand
What was so important, as like a hand

Pulls you gently, towards magical emotions
Soothing your being, in its balm like lotion
We all know the feelings, whatever our age
Yet experience of life, allows thoughts of a sage

Compassion too, for those confused at times
Though smiles warn us, another of those signs
As they recall, a special moment in their life
When engulfed in the moment, there was no strife......
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 10
About this poem:
remembering a friend......

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Comments (8)

salamunaonline today!
Hi Kathy! a beautiful remembering of your friend. Did not hear long time from you. Hope you are doing well. Lily bouquet hug
Yes Lily I am fine...just been super busy until Lockdown was forced on us in NZ with only hours of warning to keep us safe....

In lockdown I am home catching up ...but my friend Gwen passed away the 3rd during lockdown, in a nursing home she'd been in since the New Year.
Her daughter let me know, so I could warn friends I had taken her Mum to see, before she got too weak.....

Thanks for the comment Lily.....appreciated as always...
Kathy in NZ....bouquet
salamunaonline today!
really sorry about your friend Kathy. Glad to hear/read you are doing well. sad flower
southmiami4321online today!
Niah, may your dear friend rest in peace. Take care of self, glad you are ok. SMsad flower
Thank you Lily....yes when life gets busy for me which it certainly has been lately, I am glad I can keep up with it.....and the internet takes a back seat....but I only hide my profile, not cancel it.....Kathy NZwave
Thank you southmiami.....yes...she suffered badly the last few months although she never stopped fighting and being cheerful.....Kathy NZwave wave
Sorry about your friend Kathy but so good to have memories through music it is soothing teddybear
Thank you Red for your comment....I think my friend Gwen had alot in common with the 81 year old on your trip to Wales......
Even in those final weeks she was out on her mobility scooter ...following her boyfriend on his.....I took her to a dancing comp with me, and she was soon laughing around the table with lots of competitors she had never met before......Kathy NZ.....dancing
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