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When you boys come out to play in town
be very cautious, a coach load of cougars are around.

Do not imagine you can sweet talk them with drinks and a meal,
thinking you,ll have them for your after dinner feel (ha ha )

For you dear boys have got it all wrong.
It,s you who will be devoured and eaten.

Do not be downhearted when they have gone home
For truly a life lessons in sex and fun,
will stay with you for years to come.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 12
About this poem:
Just been on coach holiday to Wales and was inspired ha ha

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Oh Red.....I had to smile.....and the only reason I would return to the UK, would be to live in Wales, which annoys my family.....but your poem intrigued me as well as making me smile.....I thought visiting Wales was for the history....and the male voice choirs......rolling on the floor laughing
Made me smile Red....glad u was inspired....Kathy NZdancing
salamunaonline today!
Hi Red! Great to see you again on poet s corner. Glad your trip inspired you to wrire as usually a funny verse. Enjoyed the read. Lily bouquet
EXRED3online today!
yes niah Wales beautiful went up Snowdon on small train very misty at the top we did not get that far for mist though.

The poem came because an 81 year old told us of adventures with (younger) men. She was lovely and had us all rolling over laughing. teddybear
EXRED3online today!
blushing Kathy sorry hug
EXRED3online today!
Lilly as i told Kathy my holiday in Wales sparked this off as i do not or my pen laugh will not flow these days but i have forgotten how much i liked poets corner so reading will be on my agenda in future teddybear
Mizzy4online today!
Good poem EXRED,
Those guys would lack the experience required to stay the pace.. laugh

Regards Mick.

EXRED3online today!
Thanks Mizzy but these days i would find it hard to reach any pacelaugh laugh
Always good to see the juices flowing, I wonder what the fly on the window heard laugh hug wine
EXRED3online today!
Bentelee laugh laugh I swat flies with rolled up mags for ladies only maglaugh Stay safe teddybear
Good to hear from you Red! Those coming to play in town boys in town ignited my imagination..wave
EXRED3online today!
YasPark thanks for comments me i just laugh at my new friends life nicely though teddybear
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