Bright And Pretty

A lonely man,
At a lonely bar,
Both put together,
Seems to only go but so far,-
A loud woman,
On a loud street,
And for the right price,
She doesn't care who she meets,-
A drunk wino,
And his bottle,
As he's slurring his words,
He's falling into full throttle,-
Just another night,
In the city,
Better than the day, baby
Bright and pretty,--

The high hippie,
High in the clouds,
Knowing that there is no way,
To bring him down,-
An old lady,
Sitting on an old bench,
Watching the children play,
There she sits,-
Just stop to wonder,
Of how time flies,
Best get moving,
Before you die,--

Just check out the kids,
In the kids arcade,
Just look and listen,
They have a lot to say,-
The drunk wino,
And his new full bottle,
And as begins to slur his words,
He's kicking into full throttle,-
Just another day,
In the city,
Better than the night, baby
Bright and pretty
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2021
About this poem:
I wrote this piece 3/27/1998. It's a blues/ a little jazz song. Every cities the same, except the people that live there.

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