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Irritating mynas and the equinox

8:30 phone alarm I wake
Not early, no need or is there?
Did my Russian student
rearrange my Mondays?
It seems not.

The sun already high
on the front lawn,
there above the fig,
warms the brick pavement.

A windless cloudless sky
spring equinox next morning,
first Jacarandas then
passionfruit are nigh.

An idling engine
Someone scanning
the kerbside council collection?
Ah no it's not that,
but the truck itself
and orange-clad workmen
emerge unremarkably unmasked
the modest rubbish removed.

The irritating mynas'
relentless tweets persist
while the reversing truck
just beeps.
Monday morning,
spring equinox in the offing
As I said already
and a distant mournful
crow caws.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 19
About this poem:
Nothing special - just waking to find spring is truly in the air.

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Comments (3)

southmiami4321online today!
Its funny to say that when I was in junior high school, we sang a song related to equinox. It was all about our geography teacher. SM
FargoFanonline now!
It just so happens that this Spring equinox - your Autumn - corresponds to China's mid autumn festival Zhong qiu jie, 15th day of the 8th lunar month, full moon time and the time for yuebing (mooncakes)
southmiami4321online today!
Mooncake with a sip of champagne, honores the beloved chinesse SM
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