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Being Dead Ain't Easy

I got bitten by a zombie about a month ago
And boy do I feel guilty
I have this unquenchable hunger for human flesh
Coupled by my belief that eating people is really really wrong
Because you never really get full
I remember in the good ol days of eating pizza(especially at Chuck E Cheese)
And feeling good about it
I could always pull into McDonalds after a hard day and feel good right away
There is no feeling good as a zombie
If you don't eat people you get horrible pain all through your body
I call it screaming pain
As all you can really do is scream your bloody head off
If you eat someone then the guilt is another torture
You don't scream as much as want to cry nonstop
Not to mention the fact that after a month of rot I don't look so hot
So for all you living out there
Take my advice and stay safe
And be sure to stay the hell away from me!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 16
About this poem:
Watching a lot of zombie movies and basing this on Return of the Living Dead where the zombies have to eat brains in order to stop feeling pain.

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Comments (4)

laugh I got scared watching Jaws! Whatever next, Kentucky Fried Brains? hmmm
southmiami4321online today!
mcradloff, put away your tv, iPad, computer, smart phone etc for a whole week. Your brain has been crushed by those zombies...if you get hungry don't miss your fast food restaurant .
When younger I used to watch those monster movies, pure curiosity then dream KING Kong would swipe me away from my window or the mummy would wake me up rolling on the floor laughing laugh
Scary as they seem people still want to watch them.
Your not dead but alive my dear poet, please keep it that way!
Mizzy4online today!
Very apt Halloween poem Mac,
Secretly we all love to be scared.

Regards Mick

godsprincessonline today!
Not when you live alone Mizzy!! After being vaccinated, I'm beginning to feel like a Zombie the way the non-vaxxers feel about us! I have never seen such a big to do about a shot! In the 50's with polio - we didn't go through this. People have been watching too many sci fi movies about people turning into monsters, etc. from medicine, shots, etc.!! God forbid someone try to tell them that they should get the shot as it tromps on their liberty but yet they have the liberty to pass it onto some innocent person. Sorry to make this post into this subject but people have become so self-centered in this day and age that it is very upsetting. Look at the poor woman who was raped on a train and everyone just stood by and video taped it - no one helped her! They might as well be Zombies. At the least - they are half way there already.

On a lighter note - have a Happy Holloween Mac.
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