Antivax Rats

The ship is sinking!
Rats doth flee,
Into the blue,

In formless voids,
Rats do rant,
Until their words,
become scant.

A hobby horse,
A cause to vaunt,
But no science,
An empty taunt.

Rats to sink,
In raging seas.

Of misinformation,
And obfuscation,
There's no sense,
In obturation.

Still the rats,
Proclaim their cause,
Against all scientific laws.

"Vaccines are poison";
(They're apt to rant),
Although the proof,
Is rather scant!

Is not their forte,
Into hysteria,
They do foray.

Using "science"
(Of which no one's heard);
Thus they "prove",
Their claims of merde.

Still, I don't wish them ill;
Because long covid's,
A bitter pill.

On they rave,
In words splenetic;
Vaccines (you see);
Make one magnetic!

They have a saint,
That you can see,
An osteopath;
Named Tenpenny.

Now, a saint's a saint,
(And sometimes useful);
Though in this case,
Is most untruthful.

Designer virus,
Thus we need,
Vaccine inside us.

Coming from the "Institute"
(And that's a claim
They can't refute).

The way it is;
The world is now,
It's not my fault,
So don't have a cow.

Like an addict;
They know not still;
It's the Virus;-
That makes them ill.

There's another saint;
A medico;
Gain of function?
Oh no, no!

When it comes to covid,
Don't be grouchy,
Just say a prayer,
To Saint Fauci.

And lift that veil of,
So you rats may,
Stand a chance!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2021
About this poem:
Antivax Stupidity!

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Comments (15)

southmiami4321online now!
Vaccinated or unvaccinated humanity is being held by a string. The now is inconclusive yet the future is still to prove the truth.
As I see it this virus mutates and continues. Even animals can have it. So it is going to be around.
It is certain that those that have a strong natural immunity can survive.
Everyone out there LCBR has been touched by what you have written in your poem.
We have to have hope that we will pass this crisis. Thanks for sharing. SM
lovecanberealonline today!
SM Thanks for your comment. Probably not one of my more "erudite" efforts; however coming fresh from the blogs section, I have had about enough of Stupid, Unsubstantiated, Antivax claims, so I decided to let 'em have it!.......professor
godsprincessonline today!
We can agree on this subject LCBR. My theory is that they are just scared of shots period and this is their way out of getting one! laugh

However, it is not a laughing matter. We are not going to beat this thing if people keep living in their own little world (space) and not thinking of the big picture (the whole world). They need to get over themselves!

Here I am - 3 shots later (2 Moderna and a Modnera booster) as I am immune compromised. Also, yesterday got my flu shot. Guess what! I'm still here and my appearance hasn't changed into a monster - go figure!!

godsprincessonline today!
Sorry - this is their way of GETTING OUT of one!

What's you IQ?
godsprincessonline today!
Raven - not sure who you are addressing that comment to but LCBR I can tell you is a smart guy. As for me - hopefully smarter then you.

lovecanberealonline today!
@ Kathy

Thanks for the commentary...bouquet
lovecanberealonline today!
@ Raven

Smart? Maybe....

Speak my mind about things?


Thanks for the comment...wave
ReaderOfSoulsonline now!
LCBR cowboy

Where I live and work, we are not required to take the vaxx. I work with the public daily and do wear a face shield. It allows me to show my smile and I feel like I'm keeping my humanity. *Chuckle* Sadly, these vcxx mandates have turned people against each other. I see this up close and personal. I understand the frustration very, very well.

I have a very strong natural immunity.I was exposed to Covid very early at the beginning of this year by a hairdresser who contracted it through her husband who contracted it from some men he worked with on the railroad. I didn't even have a hint of a sniffle. Keep in mind that on the ranch I'm out working in the fresh air and sunshine. I've been taking Quercitin, Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 for MONTHS. I'm not anti-vaxx at all. You see, Blood clots run in my family. :-/ Ten years ago I threw not one, but count 'em, THREE blood clots that formed in my lower right leg. I've been on blood thinners since then and will have to take them for the rest of my natural life. I maintain physical distance with others and keep my house and barn sparkling clean. I eat Paleo and have done for the past 5 years. If there was a rock-solid guarantee that those vaccinations didn't have the side effects that keep continuing to crop up, then yes, I would happily take them.

My mother-in-law and Mr.Bear work up close and personal in the medical field. She works in the lab at a doctor's office. Wondering just what was in the vaccines so she decided to do some testing on the side and conferred with the doctor what she was doing. He gave her the okay and her testing began. What she found was very troubling. She found graphene oxide in one, potassium chloride in another. To put this into perspective- potassium chloride is what is given to Death Row inmates. It kills you. Let that sink in for a moment if you will. For something that's supposed to give us a fighting chance to battle this, far too many have lost their lives. Let that sink in. You cannot sue the drug manufacturers here for Covid injury. Why not? As a detective with my local County Sheriff's Department, you're da*ned right that I have so many questions that aren't being answered about these vaccines. Asking questions is what I do and how I roll. You may not like it, but it's how I come to find answers and I'm not liking what I am finding out.

My in-laws are both fully vaccinated and have Covid. Mr.Bear's step-father is in the ICU. All we can do is wait and pray.


ReaderOfSouls (ROS)
lovecanberealonline today!

Everyone is entitled to their say in this world. Thanks for the comment....bouquet

ps, Maam, Looking forward to some of that cowgirl poetry.................cowboy
ReaderOfSoulsonline now!
LCBR cowboy

No worries! handshake hug We all have our own opinion(s) on things and you know the old saying how opinions are like arseholes. We all have one! laugh wine I figure that having a good sense of humor, even when it's difficult sure helps to take a bit of the sting out. :-) I've got some more Cowboy Poetry in the pipeline to post, just trying to decide which ones. laugh Hang in there and I'll get them posted as soon as I can.

I'm really worried about my in-laws. Mother-in-law is slowly getting better, step-father-in-law has about a 50/50 chance. We're just keeping close by our phones and saying tons of prayers. laugh laugh
godsprincessonline today!
It comes down to your immune system. I am immune compromised so I have had 3 shots already. I have a low lymph system. People with low systems can have shots but still get the COVID. The shots are not 100%. My brother had a friend who had antibody test after 2 shots and she had zero antibodies from the shots because she has a pretty nil immune system. So - yes people can get COVID after being vaccinated but I want all the help I can get. I worked as a secretary in the Immunization clinic at the county Health Dept. and have kept up to date. It's fine if the healthy ones feel they don't need it - HOWEVER - then they can spread it to ones who are NOT healthy. That therefore is the problem.

lovecanberealonline today!
@ Kathy,

Yes you are correct, there. Also, the statistics for hospitalizations (vaccinated vs unvaccinated) speak for themselves. Some people refuse to believe this; and instead, insist on clinging onto irrational beliefs....I bear them no malice, but there is a limit on how sorry you can feel for them..
sjenaonline today!
there's anti vax rats and also vaccinated sheeps ! comfort
lovecanberealonline today!
Yes, there are rats, and there are sheep; and then there is myself: - a goat!

Thanks for the
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