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level uP

Gotta have faith n trust the process
Especially when negativity gives the test
Fight that stress n depress n the undesirableness
With joy n happiness
But how?
When all around energy like bloodhound bringing ya down n bringing ya down
But is it bringing you down really
Could it be that you and me let these things and people into our energy and allow them to infiltrate our heart n soul which breathes so much Love that that mistrust n unjust hurts so bad that now you're down
Now you wear a frown
Rolls the eyes again
Let boys be boys n men be men
In these times of politically correct
Show some respect
For the girl woman lady Princess n Queen
Stars that shine on purpose n with mean
What's to come already has been
Back to how about this joy n happiness
Perception tweak to overstand this stress
It's not you it's them with their issues
Give them the smallest box of tissues
And wish for you
A higher deeper perception
The stress is just a test to reveal some revelations
Always you
No other competition out here
And learn to overcome your fear
Then you'll see clear
Exactly where is joy n happiness
The penny drop n you realise you pass that test
Next level please
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 26

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