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Has no love,
And only Heaven knows,
And you know, too,
There is no way up,-

Just another knife in the back,
No matter how hard you try to ignore the pain,
The pain keeps you alive,
It keeps you on track,-

There's no game to play,
When life treats you this way,
If you got up and left,
Where could you stay?,
Should it matter anyway?-

And everything's that's gone wrong,
You're a perfect example of failure,
This is what you've struggled to survive for,
Now, everything is lost,-

Biding time,
And as of all past mistakes linger on,
You; you are all alone now,

There is no game to play,
How life treated you this way,
If you got up and left,
Where would you stay?
Would it matter anyway?-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 13
About this poem:
This one I wrote was 10-20-2019. There is meaning for this song; but, meaningless now. All and all, this can be viewed at different aspects. Past, present, future tense view; or, just scribbled words. Or; perhaps, it's just another song I wrote.

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Comments (2)

salamunaonline today!
Hi DiggableHippy! liked your ballad. The chronology of the course of a certain stage of life from rejection to goodbye is beautifully described. It's sad, but that's how it is ..Greetings, Lily wave
southmiami4321online today!
You said it, a poem for the past, present, or future. Sometimes pain sticks on us but we must let it go no matter what. Thanks for sharing. SM
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