She's my confidant;-
In the mirror image,
Of a dream;-

Reflected on a screen,
Through CS.

The virtual touch;-
Digital caress;

As I confess;-
She will always,
Write to me.

Which must be,
The soft caress;-

Of stellar destiny.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 21
About this poem:
Dedicated to CS penfriends......The Agony Aunt I'll never see....

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Comments (8)

ah yes the digital connection, good to havetyping
lovecanberealonline now!

Thanks for the comment, appreciated.......thumbs up
ReaderOfSoulsonline now!
Of these days and times, digital communication is what keeps us 'connected'. wine cowboy
lovecanberealonline now!
Thankyou, ROS

Keep that great cowgirl poetry, a com'in, ma'am......bouquet
yes we know so well
lost and some found
here in this place
penfriends to the end
lovecanberealonline now!
southmiami4321online today!
LCBR, this little corner makes us come together in a unique way. Been here since 2009, with ups and downs yet I always come back to share tears, laughs, and everything in between..... SM
lovecanberealonline now!
Thanks, SM...Always appreciated...................bouquet
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