Neighbors (part 2) Only The Birds Understand

King Doobie and his psychedelic band we call Funk,
Dig, all of them were hippies,
Except of the monk,-
Lonesome lovers and their lustful needs,
All married bourbon and their children were weed,-
Forgotten moments flow out our minds,
As we gathered in a tepee and smoked us some kind,-
The Doobie King became one of those stars (roar of the crowd),
The peyote seemed to blow him that far!,
(Wow, that's far out, man!),
Yeah, far out into space,
His eyes glowed!- He had no face!,-
The medicine man spoke of his dreams,
But, only the birds understood,
As they sang it in the trees,--

Heartfelt moments in our inner warfare scene,
Tarot cards and fine machines,-
A mental disturbance at the local lunatic house,
Between a lonely man and this hot looking nurse (ugh),-
Stranger sounds from padded walls,
But, only the birds above can hear their calls,-
Warlocks and witches,
Dressed in white,
Frolic the halls in the dead of night?!,
Could that be more frightening,
Than the Orange Sunshine?,
The LSD took it's flight,-
The voodoo woman spoke of their dreams,
Only the birds understand,
As they sing it in the trees,--

(The sounds of birds are singing in the background diminishing as the sound of a cuckoo bird raises higher, then fades)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2021
About this poem:
Written 3-9-1997, before Neighbors, I found that this would be a good conclusion to it by a two-part song. Part one, hard and heavy metal style and part two, more "acid" rock, mellow style with more different instruments involved. Perhaps like a portrait painting with an abstract psychedelic background. Did works like that back in college majoring in art. Blew some people's minds! lol

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I live in a college town and have not been to the college in quite a few years. My favorite building was Boebel with all the microscopes. Most of my music is from Casey Kasem's top 40 countdown.dancing
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