To Tell Such A Tale

Fear lies low,
As Love sighs upon us, as we gaze from atop the deep cliff,
"The water doesn't look that shallow",
For Darkness gave us wings as we soar for the sweet taste,
Inviting us down below,-
Such a sad though condemned us to dream,
Punishing us to carry on,
Only left to ponder and dwell,
And to tell such a tale,--

Mischief Rules!,
Until one day Mischief met Compassion,
Yet, hard to understand each other,
Love stepped in, and decided to show the way,-
"What is now, here we both must understand",
"You're the ground that stays put",
I'm the sun, begins, shines, then starts to fade!".--

Love cries,
Watching the army led by Sorrow,
Face to face to meet Happiness,
On a once tropical, now wasted desert ground,-
Fear swept high,
Without knowing the knowledge that is kept secretly by Tomorrow,
Tomorrow steps to the side,
While it all goes down,--

During the battle of wits to win the war of emotions,
Sorrow and Happiness met at the war table,
"For the total of what we've lost",
"We must unite, and learn to rebuild again",-
Today said, "I think I know the answer?"
"What Yesterday lost, I know now!"-
"Tomorrow only keeps it a secret, leaving it up to you to decide",
"Is this a new beginning; or, will this be the end?"--

Life watches this through its mind's eye,
As the coldness of night falls upon us,
And we all know that the night is a gift from Darkness and Fear who walk hand and hand,
Only the reflection of the moon guides us by light,-
And just to glide quietly by shadow,
The orb quickly creeps away,
Of what Yesterday learned then, was given Today, yet still, kept a secret by Tomorrow,
And Love just smiled,--
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 3
About this poem:
This one was written 11-27-2021, just a few minutes before I wrote I Am No One. I'd consider this abstract freestyle writing. An introduction out of nothing and a conclusion into something, perhaps? Just to start off with some words and see where I can go with them! Although this is nothing but a rough draft, I hope you enjoy the meaningless, off the wall storyline! lol

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