Oh My! Oh Me! Oh Wheee!

I was stunned when this story was told to me.
Let's call my narrator for today Cee.
This is no church but still her testimony...
Of finding love, happiness and true harmony.
And as my heart raced and danced glee.
She informed me not with one but with three.
Well now how do I respond? Golly Gee!
Me: Explain before I faint please this trilogy!
She: Loving one is pure agony.
Something was always missing with Mr. Lee.
He was lacking time and love but cash was free.
Then I met my wonderful Anthony.
He had no cash and knew nothing about love but had a wonderful D.
I fell for Francois quite accidentally.
But he makes me wetter than the damn sea.
Me: If this was an exam I would probably be graded E.
How does one accidentally fall in love, family?
She: Oh please do not give me the third degree!
Me: Sis you got them all without Lil ol Mee!
Loving one is agony? Loving three makes you a prodigy!
She: All I hear and see is jealousy.
I have no complains I am happy.
I just hope that none studies or practice criminology.
For now I am living this life with not one apology.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 5
About this poem:
Had to find a humorous way to shar this story.

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Live your life by your own terms, kle. hug We all have triumphs and regrets and the pain is fast and deep. Keep your heart in happiness and the love you find will keep. hug

Mr.Bear and I met through a personals ad in the local paper. A caring friend had sent him my details through the newspaper (at the time I was down in the mouth over a broken engagement and relationship. She thought that a new fella might be just what the doctor ordered).

To be honest, I had forgotten hat she had sent him my details and life was going on with work and school. Imagine my surprise as I picked up my mail and there was this very nice letter from this nice sounding man. He left his number in the letter and I called him that evening. We seemed to 'click' immediately and made plans to meet for lunch and a movie (Clint Eastwood's 'Unforgiven'). We met at the local mall and went to eat lunch at a nice little restaurant there. We got along immediately and went to the movie. After the movie, we walked along hand in hand window shopping. He stopped me at Zales and we looked at rings (I had a hunch that it may have been a test and neither of us blinked). After my friend came to pick me up (safety with friends and she wanted serious details laugh I was recovering from recent knee surgery and couldn't drive my truck), he went back to Zales and bought my engagement ring.

We were married by the local Justice of The Peace 6 weeks later. We are still happily together 29 years later. heart wings wine
southmiami4321online today!
Happy love stories are appearing here in this poetry corner. Wishing both of you Kle and Soul your continuos love and search for it. Thanks for sharing. heart beating SM
Thanks for stopping ladies. This love story is not mine at all. I am unlucky in love and have long decided to leave it alone. Cee on the other hand have found has found love times three and shared her story with me.

Always glad to have visitors. Feel free to stop by at anytime. You are appreciated.
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