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Don't be scared...(2)

To visit a childy poet,the storm has came.
But the doors were closed,the windows too,
''where r u red poet''?''Where r u''?
''R u hiding from me''? The storm asked.
I'm the sound of wisdom,of knowledge,of deepness,
open ur heart to hear me,
open ur eyes to see me,
open ur mind to think,to contemplate,
open ur wings to fly away,
for a lost land,to fly away,
for a lost mountain,to fly away,
for the deep ocean,fly away,
for a lost forest,fly away,
write ur verses on the leaves of the trees,
write ur words on the water of the seas,
write ur poems on the blue daisies,
don't be scared,don't be afraid,
open ur windows to the light ,to the stars,to freedom,open them for urself,open them for me,
open ur doors,invite all the trees outside to enter
invite all the flowers too
invite all the dragons,lions,elephants,horses and tigers.
ask the birds to tell them a story about clouds,about sky,
ask the birds to teach u,teach them how to fly,
make for them irish cake,make for them english tea,
and let us forget this bloody war between this cake,between this tea,
let's forget ourselves,let's return to our childhood,let's play.
Life is too short to spend it with loneliness,with routine,
must have a message,pure message,deep message,
do u understand poet what i mean?
Lost roads are waiting for u,
lost corners in the lost streets are waiting for u too,
lost fountains,lost rivers are still waiting ur visit,
lost rocks,lost caves in the old mountains are asking about u.
A lost poet,i knew,is waiting for u too,
he loves u,he said,
he wants to marry u,to care about u,to write his poems in ur hands,
like that he said,like that he said.

Will leave u now,can't stay.
Will return back to sky and pray.
Asking GOD who has no partner,
no son or daughter,
to open ur heart,ur mind and soul.

Remember my words red poet,remember me
remember when u open ur heart
to hear,to listen,to think,to contemplate,to see.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010

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Comments (2)

very descriptive words to one...are there ears to hear?
Your style of writing is very unique...thank you for sharing both poems.
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