Rock-n-Roll Star

That woman took a bite outta me,
As if I knew she could,
"Your songs are nothing but poetry,"
"And none of them are no good!",
"Sit in front of that computer, you see,"
"If you want to eat,"
"Later, ask your son if you can come play,"
"In your land of make believe,"-

I just wanna be....,

So, I went over to the high school,
To play some of my shit,
Until the principal himself approached me,
And told me I had to quit,
"You're scaring the Hell outta of the kids!"
"They're starting to look deranged!"
And has they gathered around for my autograph,
This is what they said,-

They want me to be,
A Rock-n-Roll Star,

By the time I made it back home,
I received a phone call,
It was the preacher from the First Presbyterian Church!,
If I would play at the county ball?,
"Sure," I said,
"Let me gather my gear and all would be well,"
And when I got on the stage,
I played Alice Cooper Goes To Hell!,-

I need to be,
A Rock-n-Roll Star

A recording scout spotted me!,
"Let's hit the studio!"
But that woman was with me at that time,
And she said, "Hell no!",
She told me to go back to the house,
"You know you are too old,"
But I already signed the contract,
Now I'm a god of Rock-n-Roll!,

What am gonna be?
A Rock-n-Roll Star!
Cantcha, cantcha see?
A Rock-n-Roll Star!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 18
About this poem:
I wrote this one 4-19-2011. I play, write, look, and fit the part as one! lol

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lovecanberealonline today!
Rock on!......................head banger
If music is your journey, enjoy it no matter what audience. SM
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