The Magic Man

What a woman wants,
Is what I can do,
A warrior with his sword,
Weary--- But can take on two,-
A magician and his wand,
Take her under his spell,
Bring her to Heaven,
Giving her Hell,---

The magic man,
That mastered his skills,---

What a woman needs,
I can bring,
Fancy cars, mansions,
A part of the elite,-
From a poor way of life,
To rose petals at your feet,
I may be your pauper,
I may be your king,---

The magic man,
That's mastered his skills,---

What a woman loves,
I can be,
A loner, a biker, ha, a rock star?,
Whatever she wishes to perceive,-
I could be a dream,
Coming true,
What she yearns for,
Girl, it's up to you!,---

I'm the magic man,
That has mastered his skills,---
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 20
About this poem:
This one I wrote 12-20-2021. I'm hoping this to be a good sign, for I really haven't written anything "wild, metal, hard and heavy" in quite a while! Who knows, I may play on stage once more? lol For the sad song lovers, fear not. I have many of those I'll sling on here next year (with some metal, too)! Let your hair down and enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas!!

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Comments (3)

lovecanberealonline today!
The magic fades, mate. After this, you need education and money........professor
lovecanberealonline today!
Not badly written, btw.....
haha aint that the truth Lovecanbereal
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