See the Sea

lost in the immeasurable sea
enclosed under sunken cofferdams
tossed endlessly we listed to and fro
prisoner passengers in fleets of
slave ships on odyssey journeys

the cargo of life drained out slowly
in swarms of unseaworthy vessels
as the tempestuous rains stormed
carrying us away to unknown shores
we cried out for freedom as the words
fell silently upon windblown sands
we still waited patiently for a parting
to begin again on horizons more calm

alas, we were awash in shameful tragedy
while we slowly gasped for purifying air
and penetrating clarity only seeing
white capped smoke spraying ashen pyre

suddenly under the calm night sky washed in moonlight
the distant beacon casting illuminating shadows revealed
a hidden gateway moored just beyond comber waves
portals opened awakening a witnessing to the deep
exposing all the crevasses of enduring love then
freedom was spilled into the tidal flow of memories
and we began to open our hearts and eyes to
see the sea

© Jade Anjoun
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 28
About this poem:
Loss of freedom is the single most important fight we have today, this written in tears for all humanity suffering tyrannical control of their freedoms.

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Comments (6)

Hey some great elements there Jade, not a style we see much of, once I read the explanation it made the second time through enjoyable. Cheers Ocean daisy
Powerful analogies used to get your
strong points across BlissfulRaven,
Loss of freedom is very scary.

Regards Mick.

Felt the “freedom ..spilled into the tidal flow of memories”, thank you for your poem BR!wave :
Abby1963online today!
Jade , it’s so nice to see you back on the corner . You’ve been missed greatly teddybear
Oh my Abby! Yes time has a way of taking us to new heights! Thank you for remembering!
southmiami4321online today!
Nicely written. Freedom is precious. SMteddybear
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