Their lips locked together clumsily then more gently in seeking
She knew of a lie that had been told Perhaps she had read it The passion of a loving mouth was not hot, but cool

In the breathing together with him she could not tell if he was calling out her name for her own mind's song was singing his on high

In the twining and grasping of their bodies on the bed of her joy the world she had known but a moment before had slipped away into a dream she might never recall

This then, was dying The stab of him splitting her into slivers of delight If his force was inside her she could not know for now she only existed as his pulse

No not the 'clouds and the rain' 'The roar of the rainbow maybe'

Smiling at the intruder-thought which robbed her of an instant of her ecstasy
She sensed the shock-waves of her surrender drawing near Bracing herself she arched raising her lover before her

Her crescendo came in a deafening storm eclipsing all her senses utterly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 1

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Good, had atmosphere and was erotic. thumbs up
wow love
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