The Clouds

All alone and on your own,
Quest for love with a heart of stone,
Of all you've learned,
Still, what do you know?
The days glittering shades of light,
(quietly) oh, so warm--

And now we're here,
Dig, the clouds cloud our minds,
Too young for the love,
Too old for the lies--

You've climbed mountains and swam seas,
You've found peace through warfare,
Survived death, now live in prosperity,
What more could this life ask of me?
Ride hard and die free,
Ha, love is all you need--

And now we're here,
Dig, the clouds wondering by,
Too young to smile,
Too old to cry--

Perhaps now, everything is taking form,
Always the calmest before the storm,
You know too much,
Still, what do you know?
The days glittering shades of dark,
(quietly) oh, so cold--

And now we're here,
Dig, the clouds shatter and break,
Too young to give,
Too old to take--
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 14
About this poem:
I wrote this one 12-28-2021. I wrote and rewrote this in a few different ways just because I liked the stanza part (And now we're here, Dig...) Allow yourself to perceive what the song means on your own accord of thought.

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Comments (4)

Is Dig your nickname here, or a call to understand?
Yeah could go to a song.. head banger
DiggableHippy is the name of a character I created in art school, it's from then to this day fits my style and profile! lol I've been told to use it as a stage name also! Perhaps?
optimisticmeonline today!
Stage name would work thumbs up
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