Today while awakening
I realised that I had not

To not wake up
yet be awake
is absurd
A nightmare what else

I rose from the bed
to force a change
I was somehow outside myself
as though on film
Had I become a ghost?
No this was no comedy

I flung my head from side to side
repeatedly stomping on the floorboards
neither hearing nor feeling a floor
I shouted out
knowing I was shouting

I walked towards the door
hearing no steps
Before my hand reached to open it
I knew it would merge with
and pass through that threshold
followed by the rest of me

In the hallway I leant against the wall
I felt no substance at my back
Further along two lodgers chatted
I called out Good Morning
No response

But one looked up

This is either lunacy
or impossibility
Does not one or the other describe
my waking life as well?

Given such a choice I’ll take lunacy!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 18

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