NOTHING PERSONAL (from one who knows...)

Face it
Death’s a bit of a disappointment

I hope nothing will be spoiled here
but it is definitely not what
it’s been cut out to be

Its colossal build-up over the centuries
is absolutely unjustified
and its terrifying caricatures
often used for intimidation purposes
merely increase anxiety

If Thought is monotone
(as has been said) then
one's last living expression might
well be classified as deadpan!

Those very few who were suddenly reprieved
seconds before their final exit
can testify that they were not treated to a movie
of their entire life's doings…
They did not beg for God-Aid
or bawl out "save me doctor" or "why me?”
or "long live the republic"

Sadly the end scenario is about as stimulating as say
the lowering of a theatre’s fire-safety curtain

Death it seems is a purely matter-of-fact affair
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 20

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"Death’s a bit of a disappointment", reflecting on it you are right, usually isn't pretty, mostly lacks drama, good write...
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