If she believed she was perfectly free
to notice or not whatever she chose
why should she care
that a meaningful stare
was fixed on none other than she?

What was so outré about anyone
taking a drink at her favourite café
lauding the view
of the old and the new
at ease in the temperate sun?

Was there anything strange about her face
that until right now she hadn’t observed
or could this be
the starer’s most coveted place?

Was there a smidgen of food near her nose
or some dirt or debris on her jawline
or had she been
inconveniently seen
by one of her earlier foes?

The was the moment for sowers to reap
She commanded her eyes to obey her
Pivoting right
they then stopped in mid flight
for the starer was sound asleep!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 21

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