The Age of Chivalry

In those days of Chivalry;-
There were some naughty Knights;-
Who chased the wanton wenches;-
And they would swing all Knight.

To carry on much this way;-
May not the Prudes delight;-
But this, they called "the Chivalry"
Those very naughty Knights.

Knights, you know, are duty-bound;-
And such was their dutys' honor;-
To vouchsafe then, for each maid;-
Who was not a prima donna.

Yes that is, the way it was;-
In those days of yore;-
A "lady" could be "consort";-
(Though could never be a whore).

And so, without a doubt, those Knights;-
(Who were debaucherous, yet gallant);-
When not summonsed to the battlefield;
They, for wenching, showed a talent.

For those Knights were bawdy fellows;-
Who 'oft shed their suits of armor;-
Then to be found in most boudoirs;-
(It took much to cool their ardor).

Up late at Knight, they would carouse;-
With those ungodly strumpets;-
Then lying 'round - pissed as owls;-
Would not heed the battle trumpets!

There's a strict formal etiquette;-
To a Knight's horsey way of life;-
As equine experts, all preferred;-
Harlots, to more battle-hardened strife.

And never there a half-measure;-
'Twas the Knights' life-attitude;-
To either battle or full pleasure;-
Seemed to be their only gratitude.

Well, here, I've told of Knights that were ribald;-
(I doubt that anymore I should relate);-
Save to say, (though), with wenches they resolved;-
To triumph;- (thus the trophy to consummate).

You must forgive those Knights who smelt of horse;-
(And 'oft of many other things, between);-
To have had, with some trollops, intercourse;-
In this;- my innocent poetic dream!

© lovecanbereal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 22
About this poem:
A bit of doggerel....The way things were, back then

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