Of Rubber, Men & Machetes 4

Rubber and tin
tonic and gin
deep in Malaya
Wallace rose
to the sight
of Atkins
like the Sultan's emissary
towards his hut
No finer man
could he have procured
for such a mission
he determined,
resolutely confident
amongst his peers.
"A day for the cool of the hills Wallace"
"Indeed Sir" he responded, "'tis destiny that finds us at the mercy of this wretched jungle but we shall overcome the odds my good man"
He drank from the rainwater vessel before they set off for the interior.
On a rise they took view of the valley plateau that ran from the river to the distant mountains, green with wild fruit trees and rice paddies.
"The objective Atkins is to wrestle a lease from these inhabitants, should they be disposed to entreat us so, we must give the impression that the Sultan has allied with us in spirit my man, that these lands are bound for greater duty to humanity"
Atkins stared at the hills, the prospect amused him as it had when presented by Wallace's predecessors.
"A vision it is Wallace" he replied somewhat unctuously
"A vision it is"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 3
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salamunaonline today!
Hi ocean. going on following your imaginary descriptive story.. love it. Lily wave
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