A Word To The Wise

She talked of him filled with love,
But never could remember what his name was,-
And how love - how it filled the air,
When no one was there,
In such despair,
No one here cares,-

He disappeared into that night,
Caught the last ride out of town and took the first flight,-
For a ride from then onto now,
Where no one is allowed,
Oh, so better than thou,
No one here cares how,--

Her angel cried,
His demon smiled,
Together such beautiful music,
A word to the wise,--

She lost love and gained love to hate,
But never knew how to lose her faith,-
And how life - how it gained wear and tear,
Beyond disrepair,
Nothing is fair,
And no one here cares,-

He came back one sunny summer day,
He saw her alone and merrily went on his way,-
For the ride that made a star in the sky,
Where no one else dared to try,
Some star's never die,
And no one cares why,--

Her angels wept,
His demons ran wild,
Together such intoxicating music,
A word to the wise--
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 8
About this poem:
I wrote this 3-7-2022. A Word To The Wise is the title I've been working on for over a month or so by different forms of writing it. The song is about a girl I once dated back in school and on Easter week vacation I vanished into the night and completed my grade without anyone knowing of my intentions on leaving. Over the years she found faith in God and I just do Rock-n-Roll/ Heavy Metal.

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