Mad Monkeys

Monkeys prevail on our Earth;
Different species, from their birth.

Yet the same Common Ancestor;
(Well, that's in fact, who we are).

Vicious monkeys commonplace;
No Humanity, and no grace.

Fighting, vicious, and violent;
(We wonder where our planet went).

Breeding like rats, and taking over;
The lowest common denominator.

More gentle people - that's Humanity;
Not war, brutality, and insanity.

When will we learn, when will we rest;
And stop the shitting, in our own nest?

For paper money - worthless numbers;
Cities fall, countries are plundered.

And I don't think it will end well;
We've gone and made Climate Change Hell.

But while it stands, our Human greed;
Will always trump our Human need.

And, I guess, it's just as well;
That there may well be a Hell.

Buddhist Hell their punishment;
For that monkey violent.

Most not far from Animal;
(But I won't insult them as well).

Animals are innocent:
It's the "monkey" that is bent.

Cunning, nasty, and treacherous;
It's clear that monkeys aren't the best.

Try to be Human, try to break free;
From that simian destiny.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 11
About this poem:
Mad Monkeys...Humans giving Monkeys a bad name....

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