WTF (Just Because)

I - am - getting stoned,
Walking down a worn out,
New paved road,-
I saw a ripple in the street,
WTF - is - in - this weed?-

Yeah, going to fast,
What a blast!-
You made it this far,
Just because,-

I - am - getting high,
Roll another that's what it said,
Has the bird passed me by,-
I remembered something I forgot,
WTF - is - in - this pot?-

Yeah, going at medium pace,
With style and grace!-
You made it this far,
Just because,-

I - am - getting lit,
In through the outer realm,
There I went,-
I found a smile in the flow,
WTF - is - in - this smoke?-

Yeah, grooving slowly as you please,
With everything along that you need!-
You made it this far,
Just because,--
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2022
About this poem:
I wrote this one 2-15- 2022. This is a comedy song.

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