Rejected By Girls And Boys

The Devil's in disguise,
That angel by your side,
The sky is turning grey,
Just another day.-
You feel you've lost your way,
On the jagged edge you play,
Soiled and broken toys,
Rejected by girls and boys,-

Now all the world's a fair,
Tangled in your hair,
Only you see the light,
Just another night,-
Voodoo and the Evil Eye,
Hand and hand they ride,
In love with so much joy,
Rejected by girls and boys,-

Then left was you and me,
The day of night set us free,
Getting higher and higher,
Closer to the fire,-
Pray upon your prey,
In all different ways,
Between silence and the noise,
Rejected by girls and boys,---
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 18
About this poem:
I wrote this 3-24-1998. This would be a song I'd probably just put into paper for a book of poetry. Sometimes better to be a word man than a bird man! lol

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