Humanity, we're losing it (for UKRAINE)

humanity, we're losing it

I dedicate this to all victims of war, specifically UKRAINE, The newest victim.

humanity where are we?
in full gear, fully armed
we are on the war path
and directly heading to be damned
Kyiv a city of beauty and light
accosted by the atrocities
of what is wrong and unjust

have we gone berserk
have we lost our minds?
have we embraced the dark
and forget there is light?
oh what an excuse, imperialist
here and there:
making the rich live in decadence
while the poor and wretched live lower than dirt?

you have forgotten
this day has been prophesied
it has been written and destined
alas, the eighty percent in jubilation
thinking it is their redemption
perhaps, it is..

but oh no, this is the mark
the progression of the "haves"
at the expense of the have "nots"
sure, laugh at me, I face your contempt
it is my fault for not standing up
as you remain silent to my pleas

the time has come
let us face and dance
your God and my God,
is one and the same

but my right to live,
my freedom,
doesn't make any difference
we're all born naked
and back to dust no more no less
one and the same..rotten
and when dead
buried in the same dirt.

Thanks all for reading andor commenting.
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Posted: Mar 2022
About this poem:
War is brutal and vicious. If only man can learn to resolve conflicts without resorting to this game

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mmmm salty one, yes diabolical days, but I think we have a king pin to blame here, not necessarily mans inhumanity to man, at least I hope its that way...
lindsyjonesonline today!
Maybe not truly in the sense of inhumanities but annihilation through war that is viciously brutal.

Thanks for reading Ocean.wave
War is brutal and vicious. If only man can learn to resolve conflicts without resorting to this game

War is not a game, with the mind twisting thoughts and ideas warmongers will have you think it was. Games has winners and losers and it played by a set of rules. There is so such thing as a just/humain war. Killing or the taking of another life seems to be a sport, If I have something you want and I want it bad enough I will justify a reason to take it or even kill for it. It seems life has little meaning when fueled by hatred and greed. Political power and financial strong-arming justifies the means to many ends.
lindsyjonesonline today!
It's not a sport that's for sure. It's a resort of ultimately resolving a conflict. One is an aggressor while the other is simply a victim. Either to fight back if there's a chance or simply surrender. In the meantime lives are lost.

That's what makes it inhuman. Nothing justifies killing.

Thanks for your input.
lindsyjonesonline today!
And so logic becomes wasted when anger takes over.
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