You Fool No One

I went for a ride,
I was probably high,
And I found myself here,-
I hear the sound of the band,
with a dollar in hand,
They gave me free beer,-

The barkeep said, "I like your song,"
"But in-between the lines you fool no one!"-
"But it has to be cool!",
"Playing it like old school!"-

The day became dim,
But then again,
How could I tell?-
I stepped into a room,
People mellowed in groove,
And I remembered that smell,-

The deadhead said has he passed his bong,
"In-between the lines you fool no one!"-
"But it has to be hip!"
"Striking that deep shit!"-

I walked back out on the floor,
What could be more?
She walked right in,-
Dressed in leather and lace,
That sweet smile on her face,
High-heeled sugar and sin,-

In the back- the band began to play a hit song,
"In-between the lines you fool no one!"-
The crowd went wild,
Jamming to acid rock style,-

She approached me,
Strutting her scene,
All the boys went crazy!-
Both our eyes met,
Take what you get,
Everything became hazy,-

And everyone sitting at the bar said,
"In-between the lines you fool no one!"-
And the sound- it changed,-
It sounded heavy!-

We talked until one,
Laughter and fun,
I felt we had something.-
We talked about plans,
How she needed a man,
Then I heard her phone ring,-

I heard someone say on her phone,
"In-between the lines you fool no one!"-
Before the band put up I did a solo,
The blues stopped by to say hello,---
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 24
About this poem:
3-8-2022 was when I wrote this one. I liked the idea of a rock/jazz sound that alters during the music styles, yet still keeps the same beat and tone.... Almost?

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