For the "?" Poets

Lost among the algorithms;
Is some verse profound;
Buried in archival pages;-
That you may not yet have found.

Some profiles deleted;
(By members who have gone);
Now Endlessly repeated;
By the algorithms song.

Hark the unknown Poets!
In this sea of cyberspace;
(The question marks don't show it);
But the words retain their grace.

Much, this verse is excellent;
(Though they have sought not fame);
And some poets, - they don't care;
If they leave behind a name.

Next time, you are stopping by;
Just spare a thought or two;
For those fine unknown Poets;
Who wrote just for me and you.

© lovecanbereal
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2022
About this poem:
Dedicated to ALL the poets; who are now designated by a "?" (instead of a username), here on CS....

Poems entered on these pages are copyrighted by the authors who entered them. They cannot be reproduced without the author's written consent. © Copyright 2001-2023. All rights reserved.

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I second your thoughts lovely poem thumbs up
Thanks, red; I just thought it appropriate to acknowledge the poets, here, whose names; no longer appear, alongside their words............
Thanks, red; I just thought it appropriate to acknowledge the poets, here, whose names; no longer appear, alongside their words............
ok posted that twice, internet is slow tonight, maybe I was getting impatient, lol
salamunaonline today!
What a nice words , lovecanbereal...maybe we should do it..and .i really miss some poets who left us...Greetings, Lily wave
Thanks, salamuna

southmiami4321online today!
Every now and then I deleite myself reading poems from all poets. The magic of poetry is endless. Thank you LCBR for your tribute to all those that are not in the spotlight. Words written will never die.....SM applause
lindsyjonesonline today!
Love, I knew you'd come up with a tribute like this.

My my favorites if I may express: Poetnumberone, Ondos, Pilgrimage of love, Morgen, Orientalkoru, Paloma, and so many that inspired me. At least we still have those great ones like you, Macradloff, yankee, Mimzy, South, and many more.

Thanks Love. I have been here since 2010 and I had learned and enjoyed this site so much.

Beautiful poem LCBR.bouquet cheering cheers hug
godsprincessonline today!
Some come and go. Some pass away - the one I miss most is Cafe Jim. Thank you for remembering past poets some of whom I did not have the honor of meeting here as I was a late comer.

lindsyjonesonline today!
Kathy my dear friend. How I miss him. Although his poems are still under his sacred name. He's not "?" Unknown.

But I miss him Kathy. I'm so blessed reading all your contributions, too Kathy, and like I said, so many great poets like you are still with us.

Thankyou ladies,

Those comments are appreciated. There are various reasons, why a poets' name, does not appear next to their words.

The latter half (more recent), of the poetry here, is well indexed. Our words will survive us; in this electronic media.

Does a name matter, when when submit poetry, here? For mine, it does; in as far as a reader can appreciate a poet (writer); for who and what they were/are

I've never wanted any form of payment, for what I write here. Just to be remembered, along side my CS user name, is all I ask

Everyone has something unique to contribute, in the form of poetry, here.

For the non-poets; why do we write, here? There are many reasons; and everybody's writing, and motives are different.

On a fundamental level; it would be because Poetry is Art (one of the creative art forms, along with music, sculpture, painting, etc).

Posts write here, because it is who we are, and we do what we must. Poetry is a universal art form; which existed before the Ancient Greeks, and will exist well beyond the present time.

I feel honoured to remember the "unknown poets"

Man is an art making animal..
..Poets write here... (See above). A few minor typos, not to worry, for now; people get my gist. I can always resubmit this comment, perfectly edited, and proof read, like I want my poetry to be. But this will do for now..
Yeah, a few typos. Not to worry, I can fix this up, later. My laptop internet, is slow tonight. So using my phone. I've always found mobile phone autospellers, a difficult and clumsy thing to navigate...
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lindsyjonesonline today!
I love your opinion Love.

Keep on writing. Poem is a form of art. It's a mark of the creator.

Like blogs, it's good to keep them forever. teddybear
Thank you, ladies..a bear is required here....

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