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Some People Say

some people say;
That when your time has come to pass.
After you close your eyes to die.
Your soul lifts up, in an aura of gas.
And floats it's way up to the sky.

Other people say;
That when your buried in your plot.
Six feet under ground.
All you do is rot.
And no one hears a sound

But you don't have to worry.
For you know what you'll find.
you'll always be here,
in my heart and mind.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this back in '98. After an infulental man in my life died. He was a tall proud man. "The Chief" Mr. W. Campbell.

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Comments (5)

i like the sentiments either way, true or not they fulfill.
Cool writecool
So elegant, simple yet sublime, thank you...
it's a good poem - having said that, i can't stop thinking about turning into a ball of gas now...blues ah sure, up to the ozone and away....laugh grin
Thanks for all the nice comments. Some constructive criticism here and on my other poems. would be very helpful.
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