I am a sinner

I'm a sinner

I'm a sinner, was and always will be
Not by choice but weakness sometimes reign over me

I seek not your judgment but if you must

Please lay out the truth and don't be so harsh

I don't wish justification for my weakness

I only wish to earn for your forgiveness

And when it's time for me to lay down to rest

Say a little prayer for me to earn His forgiveness

Note: I wish to live a life that's sinless but we're human, flawed and imperfect. It's far easier to fall from the path of righteousness than not. While our intentions may always be to do the right thing, we somehow become weak. I try to follow the path of being good and live according to His will.
Having said that, I humbly seek forgiveness to all of you my friends and relatives with whom I have come short of your expectations.

So help me God.
I humbly submit my will to You.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2022
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My prayers

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Lindsey, you are not sinner..those are life lessons, we fall, we learn , we get up and walk again.

We should respect time in error, that was necessary to polish us ..so let it go.

heart wings
lindsyjonesonline today!
The beaten path of mistakes really do take a toll on some of us sometimes. It's not easy to keep getting up and letting g those guilts that hold us down. But then when Thomas asked the Lord how many times must we forgive our brothers of their mistakes He said and quote: 7 times 77.

Yes Ana, thank you for your positive feedback. I forgive myself and take them to keep me stronger.

My respects. heart wings teddybear bouquet
lindsyjonesonline today!
In my Lord's word, we're all sinners, but we can learn and stop sinning, that's all.teddybear
PassionatePoetonline today!
Ana has a good perspective. It's lessons. I was an athlete a large part of my life. Practice provided lessons. The more practice the better I was. And I'm still practicing. It all helped to become a better Man and Father. In the end we will all be forgiven, if we become better. I can remener something written once. Forgive them Father, for they Know not what they do! comfort hug bouquet
lindsyjonesonline today!
Absolutely Passionate. We're human and imperfections are part of our lives.

But we do have to learn and be a better person. wave
Very Good poem ,
There is always someone better than us in this world , I mean Better Sinner and the best sinner ,
I am not sure who will receive the award for best sinner But I am pretty sure there will be huge number of nominations for it ,Everything is subjective in this world , The reality is we are who we are I mean we are the children of of God , and the God does not punish his children for small mistakes infact God protects us , it`s just some of us are the victim of circumstances . I hope I am able shed some light on this subject , wish you a Happy life ,
lindsyjonesonline today!
Wow that's a very enlightening comment you shared. Thank you very much.
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