My lonely and forgotten grave

my lonely and forgotten grave

exploding like prisms
of blinding light
I am but a twig floating
in the debris of your imaginings
yet still thirsting for your longings
don't you see? I am weak
I am helpless
I am not supposed to be
crawling, wading unto the
splintered pages of your memory
and as your tears find its way
down to my bleeding heart
I just know the joys we had
would sprout like petals

in my lonely and forgotten grave.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2022
About this poem:
Even if sadness was a part of your life, sometimes it's nice to relive them because it is what made you of who you are today.

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Hi Lindsy,
Love the emotion that shines in your poems, and yes I agree, if something sad or hurtful happened, it helped make you who you are, it is good to look back and remember sometimes, it kind of makes you stronger somehow.
Hi Lindsyjones; I like your poem, here a reply;
Your Silent Echo, My Solemn Oath

Transcending through the spectra,
Of poignant melancholy,
I perceive your spectral whisper,
A twig afloat, in my mind's reverie.

Your weakness cries, your helplessness sighs,
Not forgotten, in my heart's treasury,
Like a phantom, you wade through the faded sheets,
Of our shared chapters, of yore's tapestry.

And as your tears seep into my heart,
They bring forth a river, so deeply charted,
Where the reflections of our joys ripple,
Rekindling flames of love, dearly departed.

Do you not perceive? Can you not hear?
The echoes of my heart, beating in your grave,
Your lonely rest, is not forgotten, my dear,
For our love's memory, is what I tirelessly crave.

Your tears, they bloom, like petals in spring,
In your grave, not forgotten, but silently serene,
There lies a garden, of our love's making,
In the silent whispers, of what has been.

I promise you, in the twilight's glow,
As stars bear witness to our love's tale,
In the heartbeats of the cosmos, you'll know,
Our love, though silent, will ever prevail.
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