Yesterday's sorrow

Yesterday's Sorrow

sometimes I'm amazed
at how stale and stubborn
I have become
and even out of sync with time
but then since you left
I don't have any reason
to keep track of moment
that comes and goes
I din't even know
summer is gone
fall, too, is now buried
deep in the snow
somehow I am anticipating
the new birth of tomorrow
but here I am still nursing
in my yesterday's sorrow
I am never wishing
that our past would come back
.... no!
it's just that I wish
the wound heals
and my mind forgets
all these pains and heartaches
so I can rest in peace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2022
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southmiami4321online today!
Past heartaches are sometimes hard to bear. You are never alone in your troubles, the Lord is right by your side. Fell it and peace will overwhelm you. Take care.hug comfort teddybear SM
lindsyjonesonline today!
SM, you're always so kind.

Thank you so much. And Happy Easter. hug bouquet
Very melancholic reminiscence Lindsy,
Writing about such emotion is cathartic.

FargoFanonline today!
dry isn't it!
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mizzy miss you my friend.

I'm glad you're very active and glad to see you again.
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