Flowers that wipe out our sorrows

Am I hallucinating?
Flowers of varied colors blooming
A testament of beauty that soothes the pain?
I would like to undo these dark thoughts in my mind
I would love to create a world that is of balance
Where there is dark so would there be light
Where there is hate, love must override
And so on..
Is there anyone here who would join me
And scrape off this morbidity?
Or am I all alone?
We are like drowning in the oceans of doom
It has to change, we have to be strong..
So let us go out and plant, I know we can
Flowers that soothes our sorrows and pain
Flowers that make our world see the light
We deserve it, I know we do...
Not just sadness and sorrow
I am all for it,
Are you?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2022
About this poem:
How flowers can sooth our sorrows

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Comments (13)

Oh how flowers do sooth the soul . Love this poem bouquet teddybear
Count me in, flowers are creations finest, in a world gone astray, they adorn a better day thumbs up
southmiami4321online today!
Lindsy, not only the colors and beauty of flowers lift you up but also their scent. I love mariposas, they are like white lilies and their aroma is unique. I'm in Linsdy to blossom your day! Nice joyful poem, thanks for sharing. SM hug teddybear
Flowers are one of Nature's most beautiful assets.....
Especially wild flowers.

lindsyjonesonline today!
Thank you Laura.

How are you?bouquet
lindsyjonesonline today!
Icean, let's go and smell the flowers.

One of the loveliest creations of the Almighty. wave
lindsyjonesonline today!
SM thanks as always, I hope you had a nice Easter. bouquet
lindsyjonesonline today!
Mizzy, they are indeed.
This is a really beautiful poem. I have missed your words of wisdom. I like to smell flowers where they're at I don't like them pulled and put in a vase.
Every Woman is her own flower, I remember when I was here before I saw you as a timeless Rose, and you still are bouquet
Beautiful, soulful words.
Dear lindsyjones,
What a Lovely Poem !
Thank You. !
Quote by Claude Monet: “I must have flowers,
always, and always.”
Respected Lindsyjones. angel
Where there is hate, love must override
And so on
Very nice sharing. thumbs up
You're an angle
You thoughts are appreciated. hug
bouquet peace
daradloffonline today!
I have pumpkin flowers right nowbouquet daisy
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