Suicidal Games

One day I grew up,
By my let downs and pain,
How I made it this far?,
I really can't say,-
Married with children,
But, still so alone,
Giving them a place to live,
I'm so far from my home,-

Are there people like me?
Life's not the same,
Daydreaming of a possible past,
Suicidal games,-

Prisoner of thoughts,
Everyone is gone,
Places to go to,
A life of their own,-
Talking to yourself,
This time something answers you back!,
And this time you know,
You've gone off the tracks!,

Are there people like me?,
And what do they play?,
Pour souls like them,
Standing in the rain,-

Suicidal games,----
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 21
About this poem:
I wrote this 4-20-2011. This was written within the same time frame of when I wrote What I've Done and Rock n Roll Star, within hours I mean. This is one I played around with "shock rock" but it seemed more laid back and mellow; for it sounded better!

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